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                             TIPS ON ROOMMATE SAFETY        

Whether you’re a renter or renting a room in your house, Roommates Privacy Lock will help you feel safer. This portable lock attaches to the inside of a door, disabling others from entering your room while you are asleep. With that in mind, you can feel safer; allowing you to have a better, peaceful sleep.  

Furthermore, we understand that roommate situations can be somewhat stressful due to the fact one does not know the other persons living habits. Based upon this, we have included below some additional tips that can be followed to help simplify the roommate selection process. 

In many cases you will not have previously known the prospective roommate. Ask questions, check references, require proof of past utilities payment, do a credit check, ask for proof of employment. 
Also, for background checks on potential roommates, please visit -

2. Privileges:
Kitchen - clean dishes and kitchen after each use
Refrigerator - Store food and drinks in assigned area only
Bathroom - clean bathroom after each use
General living area - agree on a general cleaning schedule and assigned areas
Washer/Dryerremove promptly after cycle is completed. Do not leave unattended in washer and dryer
Parking - park in assigned space only, Guest Park in guest parking only

3. The Lease: Lease agreement terms. 
    3 - month
    6 - month
  12 - month

Start off with a 3 month lease agreement and at the end of 3 months if both parties agree then select a 6 or 12 month agreement.

4. Having friends over: Decide on what is an acceptable amount of time for guest to stay and early and late times for friends to be visiting at your home. Agree on appropriate behavior that should be expected from guest while they visit. Approve on off limit areas of the home for guests. Clean up after your visitors leave. In the event a problem occurs between you and one of your roommates’s guests agree that the guest is no longer welcome to visit. Assurance Locking Systems has other ways to secure and protect your property while you are not at home. See our website on the room security link.

5. Security: Roommate Privacy Lock will give you peace of mind so you can feel safer in your living environment.

With your Roommate Privacy Lock properly attached to the door your safety and privacy is assured.

This is a keyless lock and will move with you.

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